' Company Profile - Wuxi Jingdeng Automatic Control Valve Co.,Ltd.,JDP Actuator,Pneumatic Actuator, Rack and Pinion Actuator, Scotch Yoke actuator, Double acting and Spring return. Hydraulic Actuator, Electro-hydraulic Actuator,Linear Actuator,Control Valve,Valve Actuation,

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      3. Welcome to Wuxi Jingdeng Automatic Control Valve Co., LTD

        About US

        About US
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        Wuxi Jingdeng Automatic Control Valve Co.,Ltd.(JDP Control), an CE and ISO certified company, is a professional manufacturer of  Pneumatic and electric Actuators and  Control valves for flow control solution.  

        With years of experience, our products are exported to more than 10 countries.Good quality, fast delivery and competitive price. We are committed to excellence!

        Welcome to contact us for the win-win cooperation!